Longville, MN (February 19, 2018) – After nearly a month off of the ISOC National Snocross series, Team LaVallee traveled to the East Coast, where Rounds 9 and 10 took place at Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino in Salamanca, New York. The snow conditions track-side were rough, heavy, and dense causing the track to be unpredictable lap-by-lap, which was an added challenge to the tight track in Salamanca.

Under the lights Friday Night for Round 9 / Day 1 of racing, Team LaVallee’s Pro Rider, Kyle Pallin, was riding awesome with taking 2nd and 3rd in his qualifying rounds and giving him a good position in the Pro Final. Off of the line in the Pro Round 9 Final, Pallin shot out of the gate in the 3rd place position and was looking great, when another rider tagged the tail end of his sled and side-lined Pallin off of the track and head first into a hard iced pack. Dr. Parson’s and the FXR Mobile Medical team were incredible track-side and with further diagnosing, Pallin suffered a fracture in his C6 vertebrae and will be out for the remainder of the season. Sending well wishes and a speedy recovery to Pallin.

In Pro Lite, Zak Mason and Evan Daudt (grassroots) both had tough qualifying for Round 9, with both riders going via LCQ (last chance qualifier) and missed the chance of lining up in the Pro Lite Round 9 Final Friday night. For Day 2 / Round 10 both riders were looking for redemption. Evan Daudt took a 6th and 2nd place finish in his qualifying rounds, and with a 1st place finish in the LCQ, Daudt lined up in the back row of the Saturday Night Final. For Mason, an off in Round 1 qualifying placed Mason in the 7th place spot but with an awesome 1st place finish in Round 2, Mason was in the front row of the Round 10 Final Saturday Night. On the line for the Round 10 Final, Daudt in the back row, Mason in the front row both started out towards the back of the stacked 15 rider race. Daudt and Mason worked hard and found sooth lines finishing out the weekend in the 9th place spot for Daudt and 7th place position for Mason.

Team LaVallee’s Sport grassroots rider, Adam Peterson had great qualifying over the weekend. Peterson finished in the 11th place spot on Friday Night for Round 9 and on Saturday, Peterson was on a roll with a 1st and 4th place finish in his qualifying rounds and rounded out the weekend in the Sport Round 10 final on the podium, with an awesome 3rd place finish. Congrats Adam on your podium finish in Salamanca!

RACE RESULTS – Round 9 & 10

PALLIN Rd 1: 2nd Rd 2: 3rd LCQ: — Final: —

MASON Rd1: 8th Rd 2: 5th LCQ: 9th Final: —- // Rd 1: 7th Rd 2: 1st LCQ: — Final: 7th


DAUDT Rd 1: 7th Rd 2: 7th LCQ: —- Final: —- // Rd 1: 6th Rd 2: 2nd LCQ: 1st Final: 9th

PETERSON Rd 1: 3rd Rd: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 11th // Rd 1: 1st Rd 2: 4th LCQ: —- Final: 3rd


Mt. Pleasant National – Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, Mt. Pleasant, MI – February 23-24th, 2018

Dubuque National – Sundown Mountain Resort, Dubuque, IA – March 9-10th, 2018


Salamanca, NY National Round 9 // CBS Sports Network // 02/25/2018 @ 11AM EST (Check Local Listings)

Salamanca, NY National Round 10 // CBS Sports Network // 03/04/2018 @ 11AM EST (Check Local Listings)




Longville, MN (February 7, 2018) – When you think of Minnesota, the #BoldNorth, particularly in the winter time; you think snow, cold, ice fishing, and snowmobiling. About a year ago, the wheels (or in this case, snowmobile track) started spinning for Levi LaVallee and Polaris, where ideas were being pitched as to how to involve a snowmobile into the Super Bowl. With LaVallee’s “Urban Snowmobiling” (a video edit of him riding around the streets of St Paul, released in February of 2016) being such a huge success, LaVallee and Polaris were wanting to bring that type of bold north spirit to Minneapolis for Super Bowl 52. With many concepts and ideas presented, a 100+ foot backflip lining 11th street and Nicollet Mall was the one that stuck. With site evaluations, video edit concepts, city permits, custom MN Vikings themed snowmobile gear, and an off-site replica of the jump were just a few of the many tasks it took to pull off this spectacular event.



So how did LaVallee prepare for a jump like this? It all started before the ground froze this past fall and LaVallee started sculpting the landing to replicate the on-site scaffolding landing you saw in the streets of Minneapolis. Once the colder temps dropped, snow was made, and LaVallee started to practice Freestyle (for the Winter X Games) and in between those sessions, he’d practice for his Super Bowl jump … later named Polaris Upside Downtown. LaVallee said he worked in stages; first putting the ramp closer to the landing and moving it back in 10 foot increments so he’d be comfortable with the speed and the distance with the jump, doing straight-air jumps first and then adding in the backflip rotation.

For those that don’t know, LaVallee was fresh off of the Winter X Games which were held in Aspen, CO just one week prior to the Super Bowl. LaVallee took home two silver medals at the X Games, one in Snowmobile Freestyle and one in snowmobile Speed and Style. He arrived home from Aspen, exactly one-week from his Polaris Upside Downtown jump, held at Super Bowl Live. With a mix of weather not permitting him to jump, media opportunities, and only a couple days before scheduled to leave for Minneapolis, LaVallee got to work. He jumped as much as he could at the replica jump-site at his Compound, left the rest of up God, and after four days of practice post-X Games, LaVallee and his crew packed-up and headed down to Minneapolis.

Saturday, February 3rd was Polaris Upside Downtown, jump day. LaVallee had a scheduled noon test jump, which caused a big enough stir for fans to come close and not leave their spot until the 1:30PM slot time for the show to begin. It was a very Minnesota-like day with the snow falling and fans were packing in the streets, enough so much that another street had to be closed off to allow for the overflowing attendance. At 1:30PM LaVallee joined MC Chris Hawkey as three Freestyle Demo Riders (Hoyer, Rasmussen and Penner) wowed the crowed with their snowmobile tricks. LaVallee answered to questions, chatted about the Freestyle riders and was quickly back into his rig to get suited up for his big jump. Around 2:00PM LaVallee did one more test jump, buttered the landing and went back for the big backflip to end the Polaris Upside Downtown Show. LaVallee lined his 150+ foot run-in, which mimicked football field turf, launched through the air, flipping his 500+ pound snowmobile and landing perfectly on the other side. With much excitement, LaVallee ran to the top of the landing ramp – put his hands up in the air, pointed to the crowd, and celebrated with the thousands of spectators. LaVallee said that moment on top of the landing was moment to remember.

“I could hear the crowd and feel there energy, it was incredible. When the initial concepts and planning were going through approval with the Super Bowl Host Committee, Polaris, and myself I knew this jump would be special. Being from Minnesota, having the Super Bowl in my home-state, and being apart of this was a pinch-me-moment. I am so thankful for this opportunity, for Polaris, and the entire crew who made this event happen. This jump goes down in my book as one of the best. It was truly an honor.” – Levi LaVallee

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Salamanca National – Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino, Salamanca, NY – February 16-17, 2018

Photos: ©John Linn / ©Ryan Taylor / ©Tom Beckel


Levi LaValle performs during Snowmobile Freestyle at Winter X 2018 in Aspen, CO – USA, January 26, 2018.


Longville, MN (January 27, 2018) – Buttermilk Mountain in beautiful Aspen, Colorado has been the host of the Winter X Games since 2002. For 2018, the Winter X Games welcomed back the return of Snowmobile Speed and Style and Snowmobile Freestyle. Team LaVallee’s Levi LaVallee was invited by X Games to compete in both events. This is LaVallee’s 10 year anniversary of starting into the Freestyle world when the opportunity of Speed and Style presented itself back in 2008, LaVallee was intrigued by this new event that was a combination of snowmobile racing and freestyle.

Levi LaValle performs during Speed and Style at Winter X 2018 in Aspen, CO – USA, January 25, 2018.


“I have always loved throwing tricks for the crowd while racing snocross, when I got word that X Games was going to have an event with a mix of racing and tricks, I had the itch to learn how to flip and get some other tricks together. The qualifier competition was a month before X Games and I had nothing to lose, I went out and won that event. It gave me that added confidence and introduced me to a whole new world of competition. I came into that X Games as a newbie and won Gold in Speed and Style and Gold in Freestyle. That is where it all began.” – Levi LaVallee

Levi LaValle performs during Snowmobile Freestyle at Winter X 2018 in Aspen, CO – USA, January 26, 2018.

Thursday was the kick-off to Winter X Games 2018, with the return of Snowmobile Speed and Style. LaVallee started off with solid seeding and earning the top spot for the bracket-style event. In Round 1, LaVallee (1st position) was paired up with Poirier in the 8th place spot. LaVallee advance to the semi-finals where he went against Davis. LaVallee’s run advanced to the final Gold vs Silver round against Turcotte. While LaVallee’s tricks were solid and his speed was faster than Turcotte’s, LaVallee’s tricks were scored close but not enough to earn Gold. LaVallee walked away with an exciting Silver Medal Thursday night.

Friday, Day 2 at Winter X was all about Freestyle, the final day of snowmobile events. While LaVallee looked great in practice, he knew he was stacked against the best snowmobile freestyle riders in the world and he would have his work cut out for him. Freestyle is an event where you get 75 seconds to hit as many ramps as you can, execute your tricks smoothly, and you are given 2 runs to try and out-beat your competitors scores. In LaVallee’s 1st run, he raced the course, was able to get in 8 hits into the 75 seconds and had an awesome run scoring him in the 2nd place (Silver spot). In his second Run, LaVallee went out with the same tricks and executing them flawlessly, advancing his score to 88.00 and secured his second Silver Medal of Winter X Games 2018. Congratulations Levi on an amazing performance!

“There has been a lot of years at X Games, 10 years since I started into the Freestyle disciplines and 16 years competing at X Games. I have earned 13 medals, 7 of them are gold. And these last two Silvers that were earned this year mean more than you know. Huge thank you to my crew, friends, family, and partners who’ve helped me earn these medals. None of this would be possible without your support.” – Levi LaVallee


ERX Eliminator – ERX Motor Park, Elk River, MN – February 2, 2018
Polaris UpsideDownTown – Super Bowl Live, 11th & Nicollet – February 3, 2018 – 1:30PM
Salamanca National – Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino, Salamanca, NY – February 16-17, 2018
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