High-Flying Fargo National Recap

Longville, MN (December 16, 2014) - Rounds three and four of the ACS National Snocross Series brought us to BRRP (Buffalo River Race Park) in Glyndon Minnesota, just outside of Fargo, North Dakota. With a big change in the weather pattern, where temperatures went from sub-below and plenty of snow, to above average warmer temperatures and no snow in sight. In fact the only snow for miles around the Glyndon area was at BRRP racetrack. Because of the warmer temps that meant for wet and dense snow conditions on the track. Making traction for the holeshots a bit of a challenge and lines constantly changing from lap to lap. Not to mention the poor visibility if you weren’t out front, the heavy snow would stick to goggles and make it nearly impossible to see at certain times throughout the weekend.
After a successful weekend at the Duluth Snocross Opener, Team LaVallee was eager to take on the FargoNational at BRRP. Kyle Pallin was the number 2 qualifier going into the Final on Friday night, when he wentone-one in his qualifying rounds. A strong finish looked promising for Pallin in the Round 3 Final, but a hard crash caused Pallin to fall back and finish outside of the top ten. Going into Saturday, Pallin was again able to avoid the LCQ (last chance qualifier) and finish a notable 7th place in Round 4. Lieders had impressive qualifying rounds as well and rode strong, but overall wasn’t able to finish in better standings Friday or Saturday night. Scott had a very consistent weekend, rounding out Rounds three and four within the top ten of both finals.
“The Fargo National had it’s highs and lows throughout the weekend. We will learn from both areas and keep pressing on. With this break before the next race, it allows us more time to test different snow conditions and different set-ups on the sleds. I am very proud of our riders and crew, little set-backs like the challenges we had this weekend only pushes us to do better and dig deeper. Looking forward to January for rounds 5 and 6 at Canterbury Park!” - Levi LaVallee (Co-Owner/Pro Snowmobiler, Team LaVallee)

RACE RESULTS – Pro Round 3 & 4
PALLIN Round 1: 1st Round 2: 1st LCQ: — Final: 13th | Round 1: 5th Round 2: 6th LCQ: — Final: 7th

SCOTT Round 1: 7th Round 2: 5th LCQ: 5th Final: 10th | Round 1: 4th Round 2: 7th LCQ: 2nd Final: 8th

LIEDERS Round 1: 4th Round 2: 4th LCQ: 9th Final: — | Round 1: 2nd Round 2: 10th LCQ: 8th Final: —

Canterbury National / Canterbury Park, Shakopee, Minnesota – January 9-10, 2015
Winter X Games / Aspen, Colorado – January 22-25th, 2015

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Pallin Shines at Season Opener

Longville, MN (December 2, 2014) - The much anticipated 23rd Annual AMSOIL Duluth National Snocross CJ Ramstad Memorial Cup held at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, Minnesota took place this past Thanksgiving holiday weekend. With record breaking attendance on Saturday, fans from all over the Midwest packed the outdoor and indoor viewing at Spirit Mountain. And with lower than average temps, ample amounts of snow was created to make one of the best tracks Spirit Mountain has offered. The fans and racers alike were in for a fun filled weekend of bar-to-bar snocross racing action.

The weekend started off with the Amsoil Dominator race on Friday. A bracket-style format type of racing, where each rider was judged off their laps times in seeding to see whom they would match up against in round 1. For Team LaVallee, Pro Rider, Jake Scott went the furthest ending his Friday night in the semi-final round.

Saturday and Sunday kicked off Round 1 and Round 2 of the 2014/2015 Snocross Season. Kyle Pallin, Team LaVallee’s veteran fourth-year Pro racer, had a phenomenal weekend of racing. Pallin, looking strong and very comfortable on his Mystik Lubricants, Loctite, Polaris sled and started the season off with not one, but two 2nd place podium finishes! Jake Scott, second year Pro racer, had great results throughout the weekend and made his way into both Pro Open Finals and finished a notable 8th on Sunday afternoon. Andy Lieders making his Pro Open debut had his share of success as well. Finishing strong in his heat races in Round 2 and making his way directly into the final, putting all 3 of the Team LaVallee riders the front row of the final Sunday afternoon.

“Wow, what a great way to start out the season! Our riders were ripping awesome holeshots throughout the weekend and seeing all 3 riders in the front row of the final on Sunday was great to see. Rounding out the weekend with two podium finishes was the icing on the cake. With a week off, we will use this time to continue testing and charge hard again at the upcoming Fargo National.” - Levi LaVallee (Co-Owner/Pro Snowmobiler, Team LaVallee)

RACE RESULTS – Pro Round 1 & 2
PALLIN Round 1: 1st Round 2: 1st LCQ: — Final: 2nd | Round 1: 1st Round 2: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 2nd

SCOTT Round 1: 4th Round 2: 7th LCQ: 5th Final: 11th | Round 1: 5th Round 2: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 8th

LIEDERS Round 1: 6th Round 2: 4th LCQ: 10th Final: — | Round 1: 2nd Round 2: 5th LCQ: — Final: 12th

Fargo National / Buffalo River Race Park, Glyndon, Minnesota – December 12-13, 2014
Canterbury National / Canterbury Park, Shakopee, Minnesota – January 9-10, 2015

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LaVallee’s Hay Days Terracross Results

Longville, MN (September 8, 2014) - Levi LaVallee made his Terracross Racing debut this past weekend at the 48th Annual Sno Barons’ Snowmobile Club Hay Days, in North Branch, Minnesota. LaVallee, who had just released on Saturday his retirement from snocross, was eager to get into the Polaris RZR XP 1000 and see what it was like racing against the top Terracross drivers.

The Mystik Lubricants Terracross racing circuit was on races 3 and 4 of the 2014 season. The 2-Day racing event started out really well for LaVallee, where he was able to avoid the LCQ and took 3rd place in his qualifying round. In Final #1 LaVallee started towards the back in 12th place – while being able to avoid crashes in front of him and making smart passing moves, LaVallee worked his way up to an exciting 5th place finish. While qualifying for Final #2 on Sunday, LaVallee had mechanical issues in his first round, causing him to finish in the 4th place position. LaVallee placed 1st in the LCQ and made it into the 16-driver final #2 in the back row. In the Final, LaVallee charged hard but ended up not being able to finish, due to a blown belt.

“Terracross racing was just what I had expected. Bumps, jumps, and tons of fun! It was great getting my feet wet into the sport. I learned quickly what a driver needs to do in order to get into the top spot. I had a blast racing at Hay Days and hope to do it again in the future.” - Levi LaVallee (Co-Owner/Pro Snowmobiler, Team LaVallee)

In case you missed LaVallee’s debut at Hay Days, Mystik Lubricants Terracross Racing can be seen on the CBS Sports Network, check your local listings for dates and times.

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