Team LaVallee Welcomes Pro Lite Rider, Zak Mason

Longville, MN (May 5, 2015) - Team LaVallee is excited to welcome Pro Lite rider, Zak Mason, to the Mystik Lubricants, Loctite, Polaris snocross team. Mason, 20, who hails from Gaylord, Michigan will be representing Team LaVallee in the Pro Lite class for the upcoming snocross season. Mason, who’s season was cut short last year, due to a shoulder injury was looking strong in the first few rounds of the 2014/2015 season. Mason was able to make his way to the podium a couple times and was sitting 1st in the Pro Lite championship points. Mason’s shoulder injury is now back to 100% and will dedicate his time this summer to training, riding and prepping for the upcoming snow season. Mason will join Pro Rider, Kyle Pallin (who took 3rd last year in the Pro Open class) and will train under team owner, Levi LaVallee.


“I am super pumped to be on Team LaVallee and really pumped to get my new program started! I’ve known my new teammate, Kyle Pallin, for a long time being a Michigan boy, so I think we are going to be a solid duo on and off the track! I am very blessed being given this opportunity by Team LaVallee and Polaris, now I’m just ready for snow!” – Zak Mason

“I am very excited about adding Zak to Team LaVallee! We decided to make some changes to our team by adding Zak to run the Pro Lite class and putting our Pro Open focus on Kyle Pallin. The changes we are making will allow us to focus our efforts on areas that were lacking in the past and hopefully bring even better results. I am already looking forward to this fall and seeing how the upcoming season unfolds for Team LaVallee.”  - Levi LaVallee

Pallin Takes 3rd Place Overall in Pro Points Standings

Longville, MN (March 17, 2015) - Grand Geneva Resort and Spa in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (located in between the Milwaukee and Chicago area) was the host of the final Snocross races of the 2014/2015 season. Rounds 15, 16, and 17 took place on a 3-Day race weekend, kicking things off under the lights Friday night. Fans from all over the upper midwest were able to enjoy action packed racing on not only the nicest (weather-wise) weekend but also got to watch bar-to-bar snocross racing action on the largest track of the season.


At the start of the 3-day weekend, Pro rider Jake Scott, had a tough-go with a previously injured knee and toprevent any further damage, sat out the final race weekend of the season. Andy Lieders, who was suffering a pulled groin muscle rode out the last few days of racing, but was unable to race at full capacity. With Scott and Lieders on the injured list, all eyes were on Pro Rider Kyle Pallin who was battling all weekend to finish within the top 5 for year-end Pro Open points.

Pallin had awesome qualifying all weekend long, which allowed him to be in the front row of each final Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. The highlight of the weekend was Round 17 / Day 3 of racing. Due to consistent qualifying rounds, Pallin was able to secure the 3rd place spot for Pro Open points prior to going into the Round 17 Final. As Pallin lined up for the final race of the season – he was hungry to finish strong. After a mid-pack start, Pallin continued to push the limits, set down fast lap times and work his way up to finish anexcellent 4th place! Congrats, Kyle!


“Congrats to Kyle Pallin for taking 3rd in Pro Open Points! His dedication and determination really paid off this season and I couldn’t be more proud of his work ethic and doing everything he could to achieve his goals. Hats off to all of our riders, mechanics, and sponsors who helped us this season – we couldn’t have done it without your support! It was an over all awesome season for Team LaVallee and we are already looking forward to next year. We have some big plans that lie ahead, so stay tuned!” Levi LaVallee


RACE RESULTS – Pro Round 15, 16, & 17


Round 1: 2nd Round 2: 7th LCQ: — Final: 6th

Round 1: 5th Round 2: 5th LCQ: — Final: 10th

Round 1: 5th Round 2: 4th LCQ: — Final: 4th



Round 1: 9th Round 2: 10th LCQ: 7th Final: —

Round 16 & 17 DNF (Did not finish)



Round 1: 5th Round 2: 5th LCQ: 5th Final: 14th

Round 1: 4th Round 2: 10th LCQ: 2nd Final: 11th

Round 1: 7th Round 2: 9th LCQ: 3rd Final: 14th





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A Double Podium for Pallin in Mt. Pleasant

Longville, MN (March 3, 2015) - Soaring Eagle Resort and Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan hosted Rounds 13 and 14 of the 2014/2015 snocross season. After a solid weekend in New York, Team LaVallee was ready to carry that momentum into Michigan. Mt. Pleasant offered a long, technical track. The snow conditions were a sugar-type consistency which meant for soft snow making the track unpredictable as the laps went on. A challenging and high-flying track made for some of the best racing we’ve season all season.


Kyle Pallin was the one to watch over the 2-day National. Under the lights on Friday night, Pallin had qualified two-two in his qualifying rounds and made it directly into the final. While fellow teammates, Scott and Lieders were able to make it into the back row of the Round 13 final, via the LCQ (last chance qualifier). Off of the start of the 14-lap final, Pallin came out first – grabbing the holeshot and was searching for a podium finish. With strong lap-times and Pallin’s never-give-up attitude, Pallin was able to make his third podium finish in a row, taking home the 3rd place spot. Scott and Lieders were able to round out the top ten with 9th and 10th place Friday night.


For Saturday, Round 14, Lieders and Scott both sat out for racing, due to injury. Lieders, out with a pulled groin muscle and Scott with a bothered knee. Both are currently expected to be racing in Lake Geneva. With Lieders and Scott out, all eyes were on Pallin. Pallin took two 3rd place finishes in his qualifying rounds and was ready to take on the Pro Open Final. Off of the starting line, Pallin found himself within the top 3 and a little bobblecaused Pallin to go off the track and set him back to 5th place. With his work cut out for him, Pallin continued to charge his way through and put pressure on those in front. Within the final laps, two riders went down and Pallin passed his way up to the 2nd place spot. Finishing out the weekend, with double podiums.


“Huge congrats to Kyle Pallin for an awesome weekend of racing. Kyle has been putting in the extra time and it’s really been showing. It’s unfortunate that Jake and Andy weren’t able to race Saturday, but thankful their injuries aren’t any worse and hopefully this weekend off will get them set for Geneva. Hats off to our crew for another great weekend! Looking forward to the grand finale in two weeks!” Levi LaVallee


RACE RESULTS – Pro Round 13 & 14


Round 1: 2nd Round 2: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 3rd

Round 1: 3rd Round 2: 3rd LCQ: — Final: 2nd



Round 1: 7th Round 2: 6th LCQ: 2nd Final: 9th

Round 1: — Round 2: — LCQ: — Final: —



Round 1: 7th Round 2: 8th LCQ: 4th Final: 10th

Round 1: — Round 2: — LCQ: — Final: —



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