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Team LaVallee’s Grassroots Riders Shine in Salamanca


Longville, MN (February 7, 2017) – Immediately following the Winter X Games in Aspen, CO, Team LaVallee traveled to the East Coast, where Rounds 9 and 10 of the ISOC Snocross Series took place at Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino in Salamanca, New York. With rumors flying around that the race would need to be postponed due to unseasonably warm temps, old man winter decided to show up and give Salamanca a couple feet of snow just a week prior to the races, allowing us to have one of the biggest tracks we’ve seen at Salamanca.




Throughout the two-day National, Team LaVallee’s Pro Rider, Kyle Pallin had a good weekend of qualifying but tough luck in both finals Friday and Saturday night. For Round 10, Saturday night – Pallin started from the back row, and had his work cut out for him in the 22 lap final. After a tough off, Pallin continued to ride hard and make his want into the top ten and finished a notable 8th place. In Pro Lite, Zak Mason was also riding strong in his qualifying rounds and was looking for a great finish on Saturday night. Mason was the number one qualifier coming into the Round 10 Final and came out fourth off of the line. A few laps into the 16-lap final, Mason had an unfortunate off, causing him to finish in the 9th place position.



The highlights over the weekend were from Team LaVallee’s grassroots riders, Adam Peterson (Sport) and Evan Daudt (Pro Lite). Peterson’s shining moment was his great riding in the Round 9 Sport final Friday Night, with finishing up on the podium in the 2nd place position! In Pro Lite, Evan Daudt wanted to prove his first Pro Lite win in Deadwood, wasn’t a fluke and he did just that. For Round 10 on Saturday night, Daudt came into that final as the second place qualifier. Off of the line, Daudt ripped the holeshot and stayed in that number one position to win his second Pro Lite final this season. Awesome job, Evan!




RACE RESULTS – Round 9 & 10

PALLIN Rd 1: 5th Rd 2: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 9th // Rd 1: 5th Rd 2: 6th LCQ: — Final: 8th

MASON Rd1: 5th Rd 2: 5th LCQ: 3rd Final: 12th // Rd 1: 2nd Rd 2: 1st LCQ: — Final: 9th


DAUDT Rd 1: 7th Rd 2: 4th LCQ: 4th Final: 14th // Rd 1: 1st Rd 2: 2nd LCQ: — Final: 1st

PETERSON Rd 1: 3rd Rd: 3rd LCQ: — Final: 2nd // Rd 1: 4th Rd 2: 5th LCQ: 10th Final: —


Mt. Pleasant National – Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, Mt. Pleasant, MI – February 24-25th, 2017

Dubuque National – Sundown Mountain Resort, Dubuque, IA – March 3-4, 2017


Salamanca, NY National Round 9 // CBS Sports Network // 02/19/2017 @ 11AM EST (Check Local Listings)

Salamanca, NY National Round 10 // CBS Sports Network // 02/27/2017 @ 1PM EST (Check Local Listings)

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LaVallee Takes Bronze in X Games Snowmobile Freestyle

Levi_LaVallee_freestyle_image Joe Wiegele-0860
Longville, MN (January 31, 2017)
– Buttermilk Mountain in beautiful Aspen, Colorado has been the host of the Winter X Games since 2002. For 2017, the Winter X Games welcomed back the return of Snowmobile Best Trick, Freestyle, and Snocross. Team LaVallee’s Kyle Pallin (pro) was invited to compete in snocross, while Levi LaVallee dedicated his time to focus on one event, snowmobile freestyle.

Winter X_Aspen_Freestyle_1_28_17_WDP_3922
Thursday was Day 1 of the Winter X Games 2017 and snocross was one of the opening events. In this year’s snocross event, the race structure had changed. Two heats were ran, the top 4 riders were taken from each heat and placed into the front row of the 8-rider final. No last chance qualifier and no back row for the final. Pallin had solid practice and seeding times, and was eager for his qualifier. After having two red-flags in Pallin’s qualifier races and two restarts, Pallin was hoping the third restart was his lucky charm. Unfortunately, off of the short start and tight first turn corner, Pallin’s shock was rubbed with another riders sled, causing Pallin’s shock to blow and unable to finish the qualifier round, leaving Pallin without the chance for the snocross final.

Kyle_Pallin_snox_image Joe Wiegele-6520 Kyle_Pallin_snox_image Joe Wiegele-6381


In Freestyle, Levi LaVallee was looking for redemption. It has been four years since LaVallee has been able to compete in snowmobile Freestyle and LaVallee put all of his time and focus into this one event. Eight riders were competing for a medal and with two runs of 75 seconds each, LaVallee’s first run was good, but not good enough. For round two, LaVallee knew he needed to put down a solid run in order to finish within the top spots and LaVallee did just that. In the 75 seconds allowed, LaVallee was able to get seven tricks in and with the anticipation to see his score, LaVallee’s second run scored a 90 and secured himself a with a bronze medal. This is LaVallee’s 11th X Games medal. Congratulations Levi!

Levi_LaVallee_freestyle_dead body_image Joe Wiegele-0265 Levi_LaVallee_freestyle_no hand flip_image Joe Wiegele-7664 Levi_LaVallee_freestyle_image Joe Wiegele-0492

“This bronze medal really means a lot to me. I have been out of the X Games the past few years, due to injury – so it feels great to be back! However, this medal was not earned by just me but by my whole team. Our mechanics put in tons of extra time on my sled to get it ripping at the higher altitude, and if my sled wasn’t running up to par, then I know I wouldn’t have been able to have the confidence to do the run I did. Thank you guys for your endless effort and help in achieving this bronze medal!” – Levi LaVallee

Winter X_Aspen_Freestyle_1_28_17_WDP_3955


Salamanca National – Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino, Salamanca, NY – February 3-4, 2017


Deadwood, SD National Round 7 // CBS Sports Network // 02/05/2017 @ 11AM EST (Check Local Listings)

Deadwood, SD National Round 8 // CBS Sports Network // 02/12/2017 @ 11AM EST (Check Local Listings)

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Mason, Daudt, & Peterson Strike Gold at Deadwood Shootout


Longville, MN (January 24, 2017) – The race teams were headed west to Historic Deadwood, South Dakota for Round 7 and 8 of the ACS Snocross Series. The races were held at Days of ‘76 Rodeo Grounds in the heart of downtown Deadwood. With a sold-out crowd on Saturday, fans from all over the area were in for some exciting racing. The warmer than average weather was great for fans, but tough on the track. The snow conditions track-side were wet, dense, and rough which was an added challenge (on the smallest track of the season) for the riders and for their sleds.


After success at the Shakopee National, Team LaVallee was hoping to carry on that momentum into the Deadwood. In the Pro Open Class, Kyle Pallin had a couple tough offs throughout the weekend, but that did not stop Pallin from pushing through the adversity and racing one of the most impressive races we’ve seen so far this season. In the Pro Open Round 8 final on Saturday, Pallin came off of the line 2nd and was sitting in a nice position for the 24 lap final. In the second lap in, Pallin had an unfortunate off, pushing him back towards the back of the pack. Pallin continued to ride smart and found awesome lines and finished the race in an impressive 4th place spot. It was announced later that Pallin was bumped up to the 3rd place podium position, after a result of the 2nd place rider being disqualified for passing under a yellow flag.
AGX_1880 AGX_1939
In Pro Lite, Team LaVallee swept the first place spot, with Zak Mason taking first on Friday / Round 7 and Evan Daudt (Grassroots) earning his first Pro Lite podium win on Saturday night / Round 8. Both riders had very impressive race results throughout the two-day national. In Sport, Team LaVallee’s other Grassroots rider, Adam Peterson rounded out the weekend taking home 1st place in the Sport / Round 8 Final on Saturday night. 

AGX_1851 AGX_1865

“Overall, we had an awesome weekend of racing. With the challenge of a small track, rough snow conditions, and an elevated start – the crew had our Loctite / Polaris / Red Bull sleds tuned perfectly for the elevation resulting in great hole shots all weekend. The riders have been putting in extra time on the practice track and it showed this weekend, hard work does pay off. Great job guys! Looking forward to our next National in New York in 2 weeks and X Games this weekend.” – Levi LaVallee


RACE RESULTS – Round 7 & 8
PALLIN Rd 1: 5th Rd 2: 7th LCQ: 2nd Final: 10th  //  Rd 1: 5th Rd 2: 3rd  LCQ: — Final: 3rd 
MASON  Rd1: 2nd Rd 2: 1st LCQ: — Final: 1st  //  Rd 1: 2nd Rd 2: 6th LCQ: 3rd  Final: 8th 
DAUDT  Rd 1: 2nd Rd 2: 3rd  LCQ: — Final: 12th  //  Rd 1: 4th Rd 2: 2nd  LCQ: — Final: 1st
PETERSON Rd 1: 3rd Rd 2: 9th  LCQ: 8th Final: —  //  Rd 1: 5th Rd 2: 1st  LCQ: – Final: 1st
Winter X Games – Buttermilk Mountain, Aspen, CO – January 26 – 29th, 2017
Salamanca National – Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino, Salamanca, NY – February 3-4, 2017
Deadwood, SD National Round 7 // CBS Sports Network // 02/05/2017 @ 11AM EST (Check Local Listings)
Deadwood, SD National Round 8 // CBS Sports Network // 02/12/2017 @ 11AM EST (Check Local Listings)
Photos: ©RideX365 / Gary Walton – Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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