Fox’s my29 GameON! September 9, 2012
Featured Guest

JoyDigger.com August 2, 2012
Article: “Meet the LaVallee’s” by Trish Drinkle

OSM Magazine Spring, 2012
Article: “FANtastic!” by Levi LaVallee

Wheels of Thunder Magazine Jan/Feb, 2012
Cover Photo & Article: “Levi LaVallee - What Limit’s? by Ceaja Philp

OSM Magazine In-Season, 2012
Article: “New Year Huck.” by Levi LaVallee

Ryan Sheckler’s YouTube Series January, 2012
Featured guest/athlete

ESPN’s Sport Center (X Games) January, 2012
Featured Guest/Announcer, Thursday & Sunday LIVE

The Red Bulletin January, 2012
Article: “The Edge of Fear” by Anna Donahue

OSM Magazine Fall 2011 - Spring 2012
Featured Athlete on ad for ISOC’s 2011-2012 Season

RedBullUSA.com December, 2011
Featured Athlete on Athlete & Teams main page

ABC’s Good Morning America December, 2011
Featured Guest

ESPN’s Sports Center, Australia December, 2011
Featured Guest

ESPN’s Sports Nation December, 2011
Featured Guest

ESPN’s Sports Center December, 2011
Featured Guest

NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, December, 2011
Featured Guest & Stunt on a snowmobile

EXPN.com December, 2011
Home Page Feature: 2012 Winter X Games

One Icon Magazine December, 2011
Article: “Defying the Odds.” by Andrew De Lara

OSM Magazine Winter, 2011
Article: “Home Run Shot.” by Levi LaVallee

RedBullUSA.com November, 2011
Home Page Feature for New Year. No Limits.

Sledheads Magazine
November, 2011
Article: “Tumble Dry.”

OSM Magazine Fall, 2011
Article: “Travel Tales.” by Levi LaVallee

OSM Magazine September, 2011
Article: “Middle East T-Bone.” by Levi LaVallee

Oakley MX Catalogue 2010 Advertisement: Photograph

Motocross Action Magazine June, 2010
Article: “What it feels like . . .”

Powersports Business Magazine March, 2010
Advertisement: Arctiva

Denver Post January 29, 2010
Article: “Snowmobiler scrubs double back flip, wins bronze.”

iPad Keynote Address January 28, 2010
SnoCross Game mentioned & played as Levi.

Expn.com January 26, 2010
Article: “Being Levi LaVallee”

ESPN The Magazine January 25, 2010
Article: “Bigger, Badder, Radder.”

Sports Illustrated February 2nd, 2009
Article: 2 Page Photo

US TODAY January 21st, 2009
Article: “Snowmobile set to fly at Winter X Games.”

Lake Country Journal Magazine Jan/Feb 2009
Cover / Featured Article: “Living A Dream”

Polaris Snowmobiles Catalogue 2009 Advertisement: Photograph

Arctiva Product Guide 2009 Advertisement:
Photograph, Cover & Inside 2 page Spread

Eastbay 25th Anniversary Edition Product Catalogue October 2008
Advertisement/Article: “Athletes/celebrities relive their Eastbay moments”

American Snowmobiler Magazine February 1, 2008
Article (Online): “Levi LaVallee first Gold in X Games Speed & Style”

Los Angeles Times January 25, 2008
Article: “Winter X Games: Olympic Spots Could Require More Work”

Winter X Games/ESPN January 2008
Advertisement: Winter X Games Twelve Poster & Competition Schedule

Arctiva Product Guide
Advertisement: Photograph

ESPN The Magazine April 09, 2007
Article: “Time Code, Winter X Games 2007”

SnoWeek Magazine
Advertisement: Photograph “Powerful” –Polaris

SnoGoer Magazine Vacation Guide 2007
Article: “Snocrosser Becomes a Romanic”

Sno-X Magazine February 2006
Featured Article: “Levi LaVallee’s Winter X Games 10”

SnoWeek Magazine February 2006
Feature Article: “LaVallee Crashes, Morgan Wins 5th X Games Gold”

SnoWeek Magazine December 2005
Article: “LaVallee Claims First National”

Sno-X Magazine February 2005
Feature Article: “How 2 Train For Snocross”

SnowGoer Magazine February 2005
Article: “RX Illustrated”

Fox Racing Shox 2004/2005 Product Brochure:
Photography featuring Levi.

Fox Racing Co. Snow Gear 2004 Product Label & Brochure:
Photography Feature Levi.

Fox Racing Co. Holiday Catalogue 2004 Product Catalogue:
Modeled Fox Racing Co. Clothing

Racer X Magazine Summer 2004 Advertisement:
Allsport Dynamics INC.

SnoWeek Magazine February 2004 Cover & Featured Article:
“LaVallee is Winter X Hillcross Champ”

Racer X Magazine March 2004 Advertisement:
Allsport Dynamics INC.

SKI PRESS XGames Special Edition 2004 Photograph:
Cover Photograph

ESPN The Magazine January 19, 2004
Article: “Winter X Exposed.”

Sno-X Magazine September 2003
Feature Article: “Face2Face With Launchin’ Levi LaVallee.”